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Rustic charm with beautiful and variable patterns of knots.



2-Panel VG Plank
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 V-Groove Plank




2-Panel VG Plank
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V-Groove Plank




3 – Panel Shaker
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Double Hip


Bringing The World To Your Door

Quality that is a result of close attention to detail; first with our product creation, and secondarily with our supply chain. The outcome of which is simply a smarter way to make doors. You need the highest quality, and the most extensive selection of products to meet the market’s ever-changing needs. GlobalPointe strives to be the partner that delivers on both fronts. Our guarantee, the only thing stronger than our product line is our commitment to you.

Wood Species

Door Stlyes

Years of Quality

Thousand Square Foot Warehouse

Special Features

Make It Your Door


Add beautifully detailed mouldings to most of our shaker style doors. Make your doors stand out or fit an existing home’s asethetic.

Global Custom

Looking for something
more custom?
We can produce
almost any variation of interior doors and barn doors.

Hand Detail

GlobalPointe Glass Doors are
finish assembled in our Genoa City location.
Our wrapped glass ensures a quality final finish.